Program Details

Marine Science


Explore the Santa Barbara Channel Islands with us and discover the beauty of the region, sometimes referred to as the “American Galapagos”. Students will learn about this biodiversity hotspot and apply that knowledge in an experiment that they design! Students get up close and personal with the diverse marine life of the region. Study every organism from the massive humpback whale to the tiniest of microscopic plankton. Hike the islands to study indigenous foxes, birds and small reptiles. Student discoveries during their research will become part of a larger experiment, providing students a chance to work together in a real field setting just as working scientists do. Exploration into subjects like marine biology, oceanography, zoology, and island ecology is combined with fun activities like snorkeling and kayaking to make this a truly unforgettable adventure. Nearly every return trip back to shore from the islands is treated to the research boat being chased by dozens of dolphins and the occasional blue, sperm, or gray whale migration.

Program Date
Jul 8th - Jul 12th 2019 5 Days
Jun 29th - Jul 3rd 2019 5 Days
Jun 23rd - Jun 27th 2019 5 Days
Apr 23rd - Apr 27th 2019 5 Days
Marine Program (Student) $1595
Marine Program (UCSB Drop-Off/Pick-Up) (Student) $1495
Advanced Marine Program (Student) $1885
Advanced Marine Program (UCSB Drop-off/Pick-Up) (Student) $1785

Itinerary (Sample Itinerary)

  • Depart for Santa Barbara
  • Lunch in route
  • Dinner at UCSB
  • Overnight at UCSB Dorms
  • Breakfast on campus
  • UCSB Tour + overview lecture with UCSB Faculty at Marine Auditorium
  • Lunch on campus
  • Visit the Marine Science Institute + Touch pools
  • Depart for Santa Barbara Marina
  • Board and spend the night on the Truth Aquatics Live-Aboard Vessel
  • Arrive at Channel Islands
  • Breakfast on board
  • Morning competency test for swimming and kayaking. Split into smaller groups for daily activities
  • Kayaking, Hiking, and Snorkeling
  • Lunch + Collection Dive
  • Research: fish ID survey, invertebrate sketch, plankton tow + biomass, near and offshore data, water quality, etc.
  • Dinner and bedtime
  • Breakfast on board
  • Kayaking, Hiking, and Snorkeling
  • Lunch on board
  • Build on research projects from previous day
  • Dinner and bedtime
  • Breakfast on board
  • Travel back to Santa Barbara Marina
  • Possible whale watching + dolphin sightings
  • Lunch
  • Trip home
  • Evening arrival

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