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Butterflies, Birds and Big Cats


Following a day at the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfalls, students will visit the Monteverde Frog Pond and Butterfly Garden to study the unique biology of cloud forest creatures. A visit to the Instituto Asis Wildlife Center and later the Las Pumas rescue facility will expose students to the different stages of rehabilitation animals go through to be reintroduced back into the wild. Throughout the trip students will compare water and soil samples taken at various location and evaluate the health of various habitats. Bird watch at the Palo Verde National Park’s ranger station where numerous research projects are taking place. For your grand finale enjoy learning to surf at the exquisite Tamarindo beaches.

Program Date
Jun 19th - Jun 27th 2019 9 Days
May 1st - May 22nd 2020 22 Days
Mar 1st - Mar 15th 2020 15 Days
Costa Rica Program (Student) $100
Costa Rica Program (Adult Chaperone) $100

Itinerary (Sample Itinerary)

  • Arrive at San Jose International Airport in the late morning
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to La Fortuna / Arenal
  • Dinner Hotel & Check-In
  • Visit Instituto Asis Wildlife Rescue Center
  • Community Service in a Costa Rican School
  • Community Service in a Costa Rican School Visit and work on an eco-farm to learn about sustainable farming practices
  • Visit the Venado caves
  • Fortuna Waterfall Hike
  • Night-time Volcanic Observation + Relaxation in the Arenal Volcanic Hot Springs
  • White Water Rafting - Traverse several different ecosystems while viewing Costa Rican wildlife along the banks of the river. l
  • Depart for Monteverde
  • Visit a Frog Pond and learn aboutconservation,climatechange,andthethreatsto amphibian species and their habitat.
  • Monteverde Canopy Tour - An exhilarating zipline trip through the cloud forest canopy
  • Butterfly Garden - Spend the afternoon learning about different species of butterflies and their amazing biology
  • Leisure time in beautiful Santa Elena
  • Rio Bebedero Birding Experience
  • Water + Soil Testing: Compare water and soil samples taken at various locations throughout the trip.
  • Visit Las Pumas, a nonprofit animal rehabilitation center. Learn the different stages of rehabilitation the animals go through before being released back into the wild.
  • Morning: Visit Palo Verde National Park and become part of ongoing studies run by university students and biologists at the Palo Verde Ranger Station.
  • Depart for Tamarindo
  • Learn how to surf in the beautiful warm beaches in Tamarindo.
  • Depart for San Jose.
  • Farewell Dinner
  • San Jose Market Tour (dependent on flight schedule
  • Transfer to Airport + Flight Home

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